JMSC focuses on the practical implementation of projects which underpin institutional/corporate development.  We achieve this through strengthening the institutions and underlying factors for success in areas including investment and export promotion, economic zones, innovation and R&D, banking, tourism, and health and SME development.

Our teams of expert practitioners work closely with your staff to turn strategy into action and results.  We also share this knowledge through implementation focused flagship and bespoke training courses in our areas of expertise.


Who We Are

JMSC specialize in planning and managing projects.

We were established in 2000 by the world-renowned economic development agencies of United States of America to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience in our core expertise areas to support the development of emerging markets.  Over the last 20 years, we have supported multiple local management teams in the implementation of key projects.

What We Do

We are the people you come to when you want to implement strategy.

We work with you to define the implementation needs of the project and develop an agreed Action Plan to guide that work and measure performance against that plan. We then supply you with a team of experienced practitioners to work alongside your managers for the duration of the project to ensure success.

We will also train and build the capacity of your management team during the project term. We work across sectors but have a traditional focus on economic development and institutional development. We have undertaken projects in free zone and industrial park development, foreign investment promotion, export and trade promotion, enhancement of the tourism product, SME performance, restructuring of financial institutions and strengthening science and technology based eco-systems.

JMSC also designs and delivers practical training courses for mangers and senior leadership on-site and in America in our areas of expertise.

What makes us different?

We are different because we want to implement.  We provide practitioners not generalist consultants. Our bespoke solutions are immediately implementable with increasingly ambitious goals set as the capacity and capability of local teams grow. Our teams focus on what you need when you need it, we are flexible and responsive. Our practitioners are measured on the degree to which they mentor their counterparts and embed their knowledge and expertise in the client organizations. We deliver and get results.


JMSC is an Accredited Consulting Practice (ACP) of the IMCA, adhering to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct. The IMCA is the internationally recognized professional institute for management consultants. It is concerned with the establishment and maintaining the highest standards of performance and conduct within the profession. The IMCA awards the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation which is an internationally recognized management consulting accreditation based on world class standards of competence, ethics and independence set by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.

All staff are highly qualified, most to MSc level, and have Prince 2 Practitioner Certification as standard in addition to continuous up-skilling and ongoing training.

Our Values

We want to shape the future and implement positive change. We achieve this by working with equal measures of expertise, commitment, integrity and partnership.

Our practitioners have the deep domain expertise and can-do attitude which makes implementation appear effortless. They work as teams of peers leveraging the specialist knowledge that each brings in a cross-disciplinary approach that delivers the best outcome for our clients.

We accelerate progress through effective and informed implementation but the challenges are multiple and success takes time. A decisive driving force is our commitment to stay the distance and make a real difference working with the project’s local champion.

Expertise and passion give rise to strong beliefs. We say what we mean and we do what we say.

Our inputs are only half of the equation. Our clients are our partners. Their staff are our counterparts. The combined JMSC and client teams effect change and accelerate progress in a way neither can achieve individually.